Create plans that support company strategy and objectives.


Leverage our skills and experience to fulfill your key HR activities during the year.


Where are you today? Where do you want to be?

We’ll take an objective look at how compensation strategy and plan design can support your business now and going forward.

Total Rewards strategies

Salary ranges and incentive structures

Bonus, stock option, RSU and PSU plans

Market trends and analysis

Advisory services are performed on a fee for service basis.


Ongoing support for all of your compensation activities

Leverage our skills, experience, and knowledge to fulfill your key HR activities throughout the year. We ensure annual compensation cycle activities are conducted and completed for your company on time, and within budget.

“On Call” Assistance & Daily tasks

Annual programs

Total rewards statements

Equity plan grants and reporting

Market surveys


Your Data, accessible and managed in one location

We are a SuccessFactors™ partner.  Say goodbye to e-mailing spreadsheets and out of date data.

Efficient & effective

We utilize cloud based technology for an enhanced, cost effective experience for all participants.

Current, clean data

Access to real-time data supports better and quicker decision making.

Confidential & secure

Removing manual processes and the need to e-mail spreadsheets back and forth improves data security and accuracy.

Staged for growth

When you’re ready to integrate compensation functionality internally, our systems can be purchased outright.